Feb 10, 2010

Side Projects? What side projects?

wp_10bSchool is putting a serous cramp in my writing life. Whenever I think I have time to sit down and do my thing…AHH! Another essay is due!
It’s hard to remember my priorities sometimes. I want to write my novels, but I need to finish school. And then there’s that pesky work thing. Really though, when is a writer supposed to write? I’ll have to be dead before i get the time to work on it, and by then I’ll be too dead to actually write the damn book!
I’m not the kind of writer who see’s twenty minutes of free time and can sit down to write the next few pages of my WIP. I need to warm up—to get into the zone. And then, of course I’ll need to get out of the zone. I can’t just stop writing when I’m on a role, after all. That’s just crazy talk. Absolute nonsense.
Fortunately for me, (and unfortunately for you) I realize that I’m not the only person who struggles with balancing the precious 24 hours given to me. Plenty of you work, raise families, do the school thing, volunteer, play a weekly game of bunko, have a social life, read, and still manage to get in your writing. Who knows? You might even have time to exercise. And to all you well adjusted people, I say kudos and congratulations (in addition to a hearty “screw you”).
But really, if I could give you an award, I would. It would be called the Ass Kicker Award and it would be awarded to bona fide ass kicking people everywhere. Except for me, because I’m a scatterbrained nut-job with a fondness for writing.
medical-weight-loss-program On another note, I’ve finally decided to do something about the extra pounds I’ve packed on in the past, oh, two years, or so. You see, I have this genius plan for weight loss. Get ready, because I know this is going to shock some people (mainly, anyone who knows me). I’m going on a diet! Actually, I’m already on one. It’s been one day—the most successful diet attempt I’ve ever had.
I feel like a vegetarian. Okay…a quasi-vegetarian. I’m actually eating those green things and passing on the cookies. I’m pretty proud of myself, as I have no willpower. Maybe I’m just a horrible stereotype, but I’m a Southern woman, and I like my food fried. Umm mmm! Fried chicken, fried Twinkies, fried cheese sticks. You fry it, I’ll eat it.
But for breakfast today, I ate these strange things called strawberries and peaches. Lunch and dinner? Fat free yogurt—and a bowl of shredded lettuce. I mean, come on! Who eats a bowl of shredded lettuce?! [I might have cheated with tacos…but J made them for me. It would have been rude to decline :) ]
Please, oh please, oh please, dear gods of weight loss—rid me of my extra forty pounds! Smite down these evil fast food cravings and let rabbit food taste like Belgian chocolate.
Once I’m over this damn cold, I’m going to start that exercising thing. Maybe I’ll even get out of the house…
Baby steps. Baby steps.


  1. Baby Steps, Baby Steps. Personally, exercising is my favorite part of losing weight. Feeling the burn makes me feel as if I'm really doing something. Passing on a cookie, does not. Being home with my mother is not helping me with the weight loss battle. Even with Brother and Sister dieting. Mother excels at southern cooking, southern being another way to say unhealthy. Oh, Also those blogger who write go to school, work, and have families do deserve an award. And I say they get one!

  2. It's sooo good to hear someone else say out loud what I feel everyday! I am also a writer who can not just sit down and plug away. Everything has to start to flow. As a mother, wife, freelance writer, blogger, and yes, exerciser, I feel as if every one of my limbs and then some are being pulled in different directions, pulling me away from my writing. Oh, to hole myself up somewhere and write the day away would be my fondest wish come true!

    And on a side note, southern food is the absolute bomb!

  3. I can relate with the whole keeping priorities straight thing. We can do it though, can't we? Yes, we can. It's just very tough. Also, I admire you for sticking to the diet while being sick. You are awesome!

  4. Followed you over here from another blog and I love your last few posts! You had me laughing about the diet thing...ugh, I hate that word! Good luck with your "rabbit food!"


  5. Courtney! I am so proud of you and your goals. (You look gorgeous though.) My husband and I got the Biggest Loser Families cookbook, and we have lost about 15 lbs. between us since January 1. And by the way? Our meals consist of things like meatball subs, tarragon chicken with goat cheese, and breakfast scrambles that rival your favorite fast food chain.

    And also, I can't write in 20 minutes, either. If I'm not in the zone, anything I write is crap and I'll have to redo it later anyway.

  6. Ah, we are kindred spirits. School...blech. I'm doing it because I want that MFA and it will change my life (or so I hope). Work? ICK! I hate it. I want to write...but when? Like you I can't just cram in a few minutes here and there. I have to ease into it too. So the novel is crawling along now. I need to have NaNoWriMo all year long.

    And diet? OMG. An eternal struggle. For me it's carbs, not fried food. Doughnuts (though those are fried), pancakes, cereal....*sigh*

    Good luck with the writing and dieting. I'm determined to succeed at both, no matter how much misery it causes me!!

  7. I started with the exercise but it hasn't been enough to help me lose anything. I actually kind of enjoy it though.

    But to diet? Oh no! *panic* Yeah, I need to find me some willpower. (Fried twinkies, really? I like me some sweets, but I just can't imagine that tasting good...)

  8. It's always awkward finding time, particularly when there are essays around. For some reason, they seem to use all the same mental muscles.

  9. Good luck with that dreaded word called diet.

  10. Oh, diets...They are evil, but so is extra weight. As for writing with all that going on, I'm exactly like you! I can't squeeze it into 20 minutes here and there, so I just wait. Frustrating.

    Best of luck to you! You can do it!


  11. I'm another one with a crazy busy life. I average 10 hours a day at work, sometimes more, and I put in a minimum of 5 hours (often 10 or more) on the weekend. Then there's the cooking, laundry, shovelling, & all the other fun stuff of family life. So I've learned to write in those 20 minute snatches, because that's all I'll ever get :)

  12. Woops! Courtney, somehow I never followed you. But that's all fixed now--and I hope you forgive my being so scatterbrained.

    I'm looking forward to the blogfest on Sunday. Good luck with the diet!

  13. Hi Courtney,

    This is off topic but where do people go to sign up for the blog fest on your blog?


  14. Kelly R- I hate that bloody burn! It hurts! Personally, I enjoy the "wow, I've gone down two pant sizes", not the "OW! It hurts to sit on the toilet". Of course, if you aren't hurting you aren't doing something right, right? Unless, of course, you pull something; that will hurt too. :) Love you K!

    Joann- I'm glad I'm not the only one either. It gets so frustrating to see the same word count numbers day after day. But it's about quality, not quantity. It's just hard to remember that sometimes. Good luck!

    Roxy- Yes, we can do it! It's all about prioritizing and time management (which I'm really, really bad at). But we can do it!

    Kelly- Thanks for following :) I hope I can continue to entertain, but no promises. My ramblings can be either hit or miss. haha ;) See you at blogfest!

    Anne- !! I need to get that cookbook! That would be great right now. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Embee- OO, I love me some carbs! And yes, school is an evil, all-consuming writer's block. But I need that degree.

    Amalia- Thanks, Amalia! I need it.

    Nisa- Oh, I was once like you--unsure of the fried twinkie. But I quickly learned the truth. Fried twinkies are amazing. So are fried snickers bars. yyyuuummmmm.

    Stu- They do. By the time I'm done with the essays, I'm mentally drained. All I want to do is veg out after homework. :(

    Tiffany- Thanks Tiffany!

    Michele- I'm hoping I can do it. I mean--I KNOW I can. Right? Haha.

    Jemi- I hope I'll learn how to do that. 20 minutes here and there is the best chance I have lately.

    Jon Paul- Thanks! I've cheated a little on the diet, but nothing too bad.

    Elle- I posted a sign up list on my latest blog post http://courtneyreese86.blogspot.com/2010/02/roadtrip-reminder.html


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