Jan 2, 2010

Bringing in 2010 with Blog Awards!

Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a wonderful January 1st. Mine has been incredibly relaxing and full of tivo’d Burn Notice episodes (which, for me, is the equivalent that Beerfest is for college kids). Basically, I’ve become a little obsessed. But hey, everyone needs a vice…

Before I get too enamored with the new year, I need to finish up some business from the last one. First off, I have been thrilled to receive some incredible new awards from some awesome bloggers! I’m so honored that people even read my blog, much less think I should get awards for it!

And if that wasn’t good enough, the lovely Julie Dao over at Silver Lining has tagged me with the writers meme! Thank you for thinking of me Julie! I’ve actually already done the meme, which makes this really easy for me—and just like a drunken frat boy, I like easy. (Sorry, but lame jokes make me happy.) If you’d like to see my meme, click here. If you’d like to see who I tagged, say hello to Kayleigh, a outstanding writer living in the south of France. Want to know something even better about her? She’s only fifteen years old and her writing is superb! This chick has all the markings of the next JR Ward, Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Jeff Lindsay, name-the-big-shot. She’s also on twitter as @luckynumbr22.

Another terrific writer, Carolina Valdez Miller, over at Carol’s Prints, has given me two new awards, the Blogging Writer Award and the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you Carol! I’m so excited to have two brand new awards—talk about a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Carol can usually be found on Twitter (just like most of us crazy writers) cruising the #amwritingparty as @cvaldezmiller.

These two awards only require me to pass them on to other bloggers, which happens to be the best part of getting awards.
  • I’d like to pass on the Blogging Writer Award, to Victoria S. at her self-titled blog Victoria S. Vicky writes YA and Paranormal Romance--AKA, she’s my kind of girl.
  • I’d like to send Anne Riley the One Lovely Blog Award! Anne is one of the sweetest ladies I know, and—even better—she’s another #amwritingparty peep AND an Alabama girl! Roll Tide! You can find her on twitter as @AnneRiley.

    My third award. the Picasso Award, came from another fantastic writer friend, Rhonda, from Snarktastic Ramblings. Rhonda has a great blog; it’s not only cute but funny. She can also be found on twitter as @rcowsert playing in the #amwritingparty.

    The Picasso Award is one of those tell-me-your-deepest-secrets kind of deals, and, like the stickler for rules that I am, I’m going to go ahead and get to it. I pass this award on to 7 other bloggers and state 7 facts about myself.
    And, if you really want to know some meaningless, ooey-gooey facts about me, here ya go. Dig in. Enjoy. Don’t judge me.
    1. I’m a design-school dropout—web design to be exact. I did it because I didn’t know what else to do…and I had just dropped out of early-childhood education. Turns out, I sucked at the web design and don’t have the patience for a horde of first graders. Oh well, you live and you learn.
    2. I could spend days—no, weeks watching crime shows. A&E, Crime & Investigation Network, ID, you name it, I’ll be watching it. Forensic Files = the superbowl of crime shows. I’m just saying…
    3. I am the oldest of five kids, ages 23 to 5. All of us have the same parents and no, we aren’t Mormon or Catholic. My parents just started early, and the youngest was a … surprise.
    4. I love watching crappy-scary-movies. I’m not talking B-grade, I-Know-What-You-Did-Last-Summer kind of crap either. I’m talking never made it into theater, Sci-Fi-won’t-even-air-it kind of bad. Something along the lines of Mr. Jingles, Storm Warning, or Splinter. It’s okay. Everyone has a few quirks, this just happens to be one of mine ;-)
    5. I suffer from an incurable, chronic pain disease called Interstitial Cystitis. It sucks. I blog about it sometimes but I usually try to forget about it. “Ignorance is bliss” or something like that.
    6. I’m addicted to Dr. Pepper—seriously—which is really bad for my IC but…whatever, my body’s used to it by now. Ironically, cigarettes, booze, prescription medications—none of them faze me :) My addictions are limited to internet, TV, and caffeine.
    7. I’m a germaphobe but I’m all about clutter…except when I’m being organized. Call me an oxymoron.
    So, what are some random facts about you?


    1. dr. pepper... Dr. Pepper... DR. PEPPER DR. PEPPER DR.PEPPER

      I'm a diet dp girl myself, but oh my goodness. I go through waaaaay too much on a daily basis...

      Congrats on all of your awards!

    2. Dr. Pepper is good, but Cheerwine is stellar. ;)

      I'll check out these blogs. Hope your new year is off to a lovely start.

    3. Thanks, Courtney! I've never received a blog award from another blogger, before. I am honored. Thank you.

      I'm a germaphobe of annoying proportions, yet at the same time my children are the equivalent of dung beetles, so chaos and clutter are my middle names. I guess it's karma biting me in the butt for all the little and big things I did to my folks.

      Thanks, again! Great way to start off the New Year.

    4. Courtney thank you so much for the award. I love to get awards, but I'm always little bit stunned when I get one.
      I've posted 10 things about me before - if you'd like to read them you can find the post here- http://writersbuttdoesnotapplytome.blogspot.com/2009/10/10-honest-things-challenge.html

    5. Congrats on the awards!! Good choices for the pass-alongs too :)

    6. Love Burn Notice. Just sayin'.

      Congrats on the awards, good lady. Happy 2010!

    7. Hi hon, thanks so much for the award! It means a lot. Also, if you're looking for an incredibly bad horror movie, try "Dead of Winter." You won't be disappointed. Or maybe I should say, you'll be super disappointed. Either way, I think you'll like it.

    8. Congrats on your awards and thank you for MINE! You are sweet! I'll have to think of some things about me and post them soon! lol....hhhmmm, what to share!

    9. Awww...thanks for saying such nice things about me. *blushes* :) Congrats on all your awards, you more than deserve them!

      Also? Your list is a bit creepy, honestly.

      1.) I'm also an early childhood ed dropout. Turns out I don't have the patience for a room full of screaming, out of control, snot nosed (literally) curtain climbers either. I really do love kids...which is why I decided it would be better for them if I pursued a different line of work.

      2.) I'm all about the crime shows, especially true crime. The day our cable company got the ID channel was practically a holiday.

      3.) I'm also the oldest of five kids. There's a 17 year age spread between me and my youngest sister. My family wasn't Mormon or Catholic either (until recently...the rest of the family converted to Mormonism, long story).

      We won't even discuss my iced tea addiction or my unhealthy addiction to tv and the internet. Oh, and the fact that the Purell company puts me on their Christmas card list does NOT mean I'm a germaphobe. LOL. :)

    10. Sara M- I do too...cases and cases of Dr. Pepper goodness.

      Vicky- You deserve it!

      Sara F.- What is this cheerwine you speak of? I must have some now! Of course, Dr. P was started in Texas and I'm a Texas girl, so I can't let anyone find out I'm considering committing treason...

      Joann- You're blog is great! You deserve the award! I'm glad I'm not the only germaphobe in the blogging/writers community ;P

      Mary- I know what you mean--I was surprised that someone thought that I should get an award too. But your blog is awesome so you definitely deserve it!

      Jemi- Thank you, they are great choices. I spent a lot of time making sure that no one had the awards already (and I think I got them right?). But these bloggers are excellent so if they got a repeat award, its okay, because their blogs are phenomenal. =)

      Simon- Oh yes--and they had a marathon on all day New Years Eve. It was wonderful :P

      Anne- Nice! I'll have to rent it. I love laughing along at the stupidity of those movies. Takes away from how bad they really are.. haha!

      Sherrinda- Good luck--it took me forever to find 7 facts. =) Better you than me...

      Rhonda- Creepy? Well, yes, just a bit. I'm glad I not the only weirdo out there. haha! I love iced tea too. So tasty! We're eerily similar, eh? That's awesome!

    11. Duuuuude. Cheerwine is like like Dr. Pepper, but it tastes softer, slightly sweeter and is less carbonated. I think they only sell it in the Carolinas. Maybe Georgia. Ack?

    12. Courtney - Thanks for the award. I'm going to have to ponder hard to think of anything interesting to share!

    13. Courtney you are the definition of oxymoron. And I think that is fantastic! Thank you for joining my blog. I am so glad I clicked over here and found the eccentric, fabulous you.


    14. OMG< somehow I missed this post!!! Congrats on the awards. I totally think you deserve them (obviously!! Haha!)

      But, oh gosh, so sorry to hear of the painful disorder. Oh brother, I hope they find a cure for it. Love that your' a design school dropout (haha!). And OMG, I'm also a cluttery OCD germaphobe. And let me tell ya, it sucks to be so unneat and a germaphobe. It's a lifestyle few of us can maintain without going nutty. What? Was was that you said, dear? Wait, hang on just a sec; my little friend, Alba wants to talk to you. She says, "Don't listen to Carol. She's a little nuts. She doesn't like germs for some reason."

      No, I'm not crazy.

      Dude, I totally got lost in that comment.

      Miss you!! Haven't seen you around a while.

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