Feb 9, 2010

*Cough, Cough* Plot

090206-sick2_istock-hmed.hmediumI’m sick. Both literally and figuratively. So sick, in fact, that I skipped my classes, but not sick enough to shut off my overactive imagination. So, not-sick, that when I should have been sleeping, my creative bastard of a mind decides that it has the perfect idea for a new novel. That’s right—a new novel. 

Sorry, Professor Grooms, I’m too sick to come to English class. No, no—don’t bother e-mailing me the assignments; I’m busy creating another novel.

Oh yes, I’m a sick, sick mother.

Picture me, swathed in a bundle of warm, fuzzy clothes, cup of hot Theraful at my side, thermometer in mouth, while sitting at my desk (because my laptop is also sick), researching the perfect setting for my knew book … and my mother-in-law pops in to see if I’d like some dinner. Hmm.

British ColumbiaThe good news is, I found the perfect setting and my fever broke. Yay! The bad news — Theraflu sucks. Really, the shit tastes awful, but it does help a sore throat.

Despite the bad timing (and the whole being-sick-thing) I’m pretty excited about my new plot. It’s a romantic suspense that takes place in British Columbia, Canada.

I just love the countryside. Who needs over crowded, pollution filled cities when you can have wide open spaces and crisp fresh air—air so fresh it would burn my unworthy nasal passages? Sure it may get a bit chilly up in the mountains, but at least the summers wouldn’t reach 110° and an ozone Banffwatch of level red. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t survive the winters but I can always dream, can’t I? And come on—there’s wildlife! Real, honest to God wildlife! The only wildlife I’ve seen in Dallas are the coyotes on the golf course, the rabbits that my cat kills, and the blasted owls that hunt small cats and dogs in my neighborhood. Not that a bear would be any better, but…

Moving on…

I’d like to make a SHOUTOUT to Leslie! Leslie posted a comment on my blog Monday, Feb. 8 wishing me a great week and giving me a Sunshine Award. Unfortunately, the link to her profile (and blog) didn’t work, so I can’t get to her blog ;(  

Leslie, I’d love to give you a proper thank you and support for your blog. I hope you get this shoutout. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you’re like me, you’ve sorta…dropped the ball on the I-love-you chocolates for your special someone. Hmm. I’ve been so busy getting ready for the Valentine’s Day Love at First Site Blogfest that I actually forgot about Valentine’s Day. Whoops. I should probably get started on my Happy V-Day honey present. Have a good week everyone!



  1. I think we have the same bug. In which case, my condolences. It's a nasty one, isn't it?

    Love your blog. LOVE the pics of British Columbia. I want to go there so badly. I could almost taste the fresh air in that picture. Here in AZ we get freakish heat too. Bah!

    Hope you're feeling better. Hey, at least you got a new novel idea out of it. All I got were dreams about Transformers. Go figure. ;)

  2. I hope you feel better, that is a bummer.
    I think finding the right setting for a new novel is one of the most exciting parts. When you find the right place it creates the whole feel for the story. Very exciting!

  3. OMG! I'm laughing so hard about the penis cake! I can just imagine it. My boys have been infatuated with the word for months. LOL. You seriously made my night. Thank you. No more Nyquil for me...

  4. I'm happy to hear you're feeling better! I know what you mean, though-- I felt compelled to write while on heavy duty pain medication after having my wisdom teeth removed, when really all I wanted to do was ice my face and go to bed.

    stupid brain.

  5. Glad to hear that you're feeling better. BC is a great choice for a novel location (and I'm not being biased because I grew up there). It's pretty much open space once you get past the outer lying areas of Vancouver. The view in the Rockies is amazing (around Golden, BC) and I'd recommend the Via train ride through there for a great view of the scenery. Good luck with the project, Courtney...and did you know that there is a Courtney in BC on Vancouver Island?

  6. Hope you continue to feel better! BC would be a glorious place for a romantic suspense novel. I haven't been, but a friend of mine moved out there years ago. Gorgeous place :)

  7. I hope you feel better soon!

    The beginnings of a new novel is an exciting time, at least for me. Once the inital seed is planted, things come rushing at me fast and I have to write them down. Finding the perfect setting soldifies things. Good for you!

  8. Beautiful settings!!! Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Ewwwww I HATE theraflu!!!!

    But how much FUN is it when a new awesome plot comes to you???

  10. Yay, you're new WiP is set in my backyard - excellent choice :) You're right, no shortage of wildlife and scenery here. (we do have our fair share of pesky coyotes) We run the gammut from rain forest to desert and some parts of the province are pretty freakin' hot in the summer!

  11. A new novel!? I'm excited! Love the pics and absolutely love the chicken cartoon! Feel better Cuz!

  12. Your illness was a blessing in disguise (excuse my PollyAnna mood), but really, it forced you to be still and let your creativity work. Plus, it kept you from feeling horrible despite feeling horrible. The setting for your novel is beautiful. Do you get to do some on-sight research?

    When we all had the flu this fall, my computer also caught a virus. Who knew it passed from people to electronic?

  13. omg thank GOD you reminded me about the blogfest. i mean, i knew it was coming up, i just didn't actually equate it to THIS SUNDAY. i gotta get on that...

  14. A new novel! Good lord woman, your mind must never sleep. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Gorgeous pics by the way :)

  15. Hope you feel better soon!!! I'm jealous of your imaginative skills when you're sick. I suspect my muse is a germaphobe because she won't come anywhere near me when I'm sick.

    Those pictures are amazingly beautiful! Good luck w/ your new novel!!!

  16. Anissa- Love your post on cakes! So pretty! Sorry you've been sick too. I know how much it sucks. Sniff*

    Eva- I agree. Settings make the story jump to life.

    Amalia- LOL What is it about narcotics that make our brains go all creative? Where can I buy them over the counter--I need to figure out the second half of the plot!

    Alan- What's that?? Do I hear a source calling my name? haha! I was a little worried about writing a story that's based in another country. I mean-- what do I know about Canada?! I live in Texas! But I can do research with the best of them.

    Jemi- I agree, it's very beautiful! Lucky friend ;)

    DL- I know what you mean. I have random notes scribbled all over the place. "Don't forget..." lol

    Carol- Thanks, Carol!

    Sara- It tastes so nasty, but really helps a sore throat. How's your new WIP coming? Have you started writing it yet or are you still plotting?

    Deb- You, Deb, are the PERFECT source for my new book! It set on a ranch in BC. How perfect (for me, not you). You're my new best friend, Deb! haha ;)

    Kelly- Catch your attention, did I? Don't worry, I won't forget Nightlings ;)

    Mary- I wish I could explain away a trip to Canada. That would be a dream come true. But I don't have the money--for now, anyway. Maybe one day...
    Why is it that when one person gets sick, the whole family gets sick, plus the electronics?!

    Falen- Good! I'm looking forward to your post. I still have to write mine too. I always wait until last minute... It's a bad habit of mine :O

    Wendy- Ha! I love to sleep, but even my dreams have something to do with a book I'm working on. Unfortunately, I just write REALLY slowly, and I don't get to write every day. I'm lucky to write twice a week, right now. But at least I get plenty of ideas for the future :)

    Rhonda- Hehe! For some reason, when I'm dead tired, my mind turns on and ideas just start coming. I even bought a voice recorder to help save time when I'm trying to go to bed. (Yes, I do wake up at random hours and need to scribble down some new idea. The voice recorder keeps me from having to open my eyes. LOL)

  17. I LIVE in British Columbia. Ask me questions, and I'll tell you if I know the answers. FYI, it CAN get to 110º up here. And the winters? Well, look at your TV for the winter Olympics. There may be snow in the mountains, but down here the cherry trees are blossoming.


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