Oct 11, 2009

Army of Darkness

It's way past time to get back to my writing. Once again, I've taken too much time this past week to read or watch the new episodes of Bones, NCIS, CSI, and Lie to Me. Go figure... I'm a TV and book junkie. I read books 1-3 of the Texas Lone Star Series by Susan Mallery, which was of course superb. But now, back to my actual writing.

I did a tiny bit of plotting last night and am starting to get somewhere with a few loose ends. They aren't quite right just yet, but they will be soon enough. I wanted to write yesterday or at least update my blog, but my right hand was not cooperating. Carpel tunnel (or something with similar symptoms) had my hand and wrist sore and achy. It was even swollen. It isn't nearly as bad today; it's a little sore but that's it.

I'm working on the "ball" scene still, which just goes to show how much I haven't been writing. Unfortunately, my mind has been in another frame of mind entirely. I have been thinking about the battle scene that I have coming about three-fourths way through the first book. Keep in mind, I'm not even a fourth a way into it... Still, I'm the kind of writer who skips around and writes what on her mind. I just haven't given in to the temptation just yet; I'm really trying to stay in the "ball" frame of mind. :-P

Oh yeah! Speaking of battles, I found this picture online of the Army of Darkness. Pretty funny.

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