Feb 4, 2010

Awards & a Book Cover

I've received two awards this week from three lovely ladies. Thank you Valerie, Stephanie, and Jemi, I'm both thrilled and flattered!

Valerie over at I Should Be Writing has given me a present: The Over the Top Award. Yay! Valerie rocks! If you don’t know Valerie, you should. She’s got a terrific blog with tons of advise and updates on her life as a writer. Seriously, check her out. Seriously!

Stephanie, at Hatshepsut: The Writing of a Novel also presented me with The Over the Top award! How cool is that?! I've just recently come across Stephanie's blog, and let me tell you, I'm impressed! Her latest posting (okay, her 2nd to latest post) was about editing her MS and was really good--and funny! I'm going to be stalking you for a while now, Stephanie. I apologize ahead of time... :)

Now, I don’t know if I’d wear the apron, but I totally dig the award anyways. It’s just too cute. This one is definitely going on my wall of awards (you know, the right sidebar of my blog). haha!

Rules: Answer the following questions with Single Word answers then pass this along to 5 other bloggers. Make sure you let them know about it though.
Your Cell Phone? Envy
Your Hair? Crazy
Your Mother? Loving
Your Father?
Your Favourite Food? Dessert
Your Dream Last Night? Monkey!
Your Favourite Drink? Dr. Pepper
Your Dream/Goal? Published
What Room Are You In? Bedroom
Your Hobby? Writing
Your Fear? Cockroaches
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Mother
Where Were You Last Night? Home
Something That You Aren't? In-shape
Muffins? eck.
Wish List Item?
Where Did You Grow Up? Hogwarts
Last Thing You Did? Watched "Dog the Bounty Hunter"
What Are You Wearing? PJs
Your TV? A&E
Your Pets? Fat
Friends? Noisy
Your Life? Ongoing
Your Mood? Better
Missing Someone? no
Vehicle? Temperamental
Something You Aren't Wearing? Socks
Your Favourite Store? Borders
Your Favourite Colour? Blue
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Today
Last Time You Cried? Yesterday
Your Best Friend? Kelly
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Home
Facebook? Twitter.
Favourite Place To Eat? Out
And now to pass it on… 

The Circle of Friends Award has been passed on to me by Jemi Fraser at Just Jemi! Thank you, Jemi! I love my online writer friends so this award is perfect! Blogging and Twittering (#amwritingparty hells yeah!) have really helped keep my spirits up with this whole writing thing ;-)

Jemi has been a friend since I started this whole blogging thing. She's a sweetheart who reads whatever crap I write and comments no matter how stupid my post was. And seriously, what more can a blogger ask for? Nothing--I know! There's nothing worse than someone like me--a lurker. I read a lot of blogs, but I'm pretty bad at that whole commenting thing. (I know, I know. So shoot me) So, to someone like me, Jemi is a freakin' goddess! Visit her blog, follow, and comment because Jemi is a gem (lame? Nah...).

So, I'm going to pass this one onto a few of my writer friends with tons of love. And yes--I do know that some of you have already received this award but come on! Its the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS and (though it sucks for you) you're my friend. Consider it your punishment for speaking to me.

♥ Carolina Valdez Miller at Carol’s Prints
♥ Simon Larter at Constant Revisions
♥ Shannon O'Donnell at Book Dreaming
♥ Anne Riley at Anne Riley

Oh, yeah...I have one last piece of business to attend to tonight. Carolina Valdez Miller, Sara McClung, and Alexandra Shostak have been having some fun posting *fake* book covers for their blogs. After taking a sneak peek at mine, Carol has convinced me to blog my WIP's fake book cover. This is Book One of my Immortal Series (which I have renamed to Nightling Series) and no, I don't have an actual name for book. Like I said, it's a work in progress.
Go, go Photoshop!
*images courtesy of vi.sualiz.us*


  1. Borders is one of my favorite stores too, I try to fill up my rewards points about 5-6 times a year.

  2. Hi Courtney. Congrats on your awards. Thanks for the follow, BTW.


  3. Wow, your faux book cover looks INCREDIBLE! I wish I had Photoshop, and Photoshop skills. I'm jealous!

  4. Congrats on your awards! Well deserved.

    And I think my vehicle is related to yours, because its tempermental as well. :)

  5. Your site is gorgeous!! Congrats on the awards. It's so nice to meet you, and thanks for following me. Your fake book cover is great -- best of luck with the project!

  6. Thanks so much!
    And your book cover is awesome!

  7. Congratulations on your awards, Courtney. Thanks for including me in your circle of friends - you rock! :-)

  8. Thanks for the award, good lady! Just when I think I've gotten 'em all, another one comes along to surprise me. This is teh coolest! I do so enjoy these blogosphere friendships. They make the writing life so much more fulfilling, don't they?

  9. Congratulations on the awards!

    And man, that fake book cover looks MIGHTY FINE! :)

  10. You're such a sweetheart! Thanks so much Courtney. I've already got another award you kindly bestowed upon me, so I'd better get cracking!

  11. Courtney - you crack me up!! This is why we love you :)

    I love that you grew up at Hogwarts :)

    PS - You never write crap!

  12. OMG, I've been wanting this one!! It's beautiful. Love love love it. Thanks, Courtney! Congrats on winning both of your awards...you're most deserving, sweets.

    By the way, so glad you posted your book cover. It's beeeeeautiful!! Well, you already knew I thought so ;) But I'm glad you listened to me :)

  13. Congrats on the awards!!!!

    I love the book cover, and the title to the series. I want to read it now!

  14. Congrats on your awards! I love reading everyone's one-word lists and I LOVE that you grew up at Hogwarts.

  15. David- I do the same! Isn't it nice to get that 5$ off?!

    Jon Paul- Thanks. You have a nice blog. Funny post today, btw. "shot my paw!"

    Guinevere- Ha, I used to be a web design major. I actually sucked at it so I dropped out of the program. Whoops...

    DL- Is it a Nissan? Because my Nissan sucks. Why does it turn off WHILE I'm driving? No one can tell me. Oh well.

    Nicole- Thank you and good to you, also.

    Falen- Thank you. It was pretty easy to make (which surprised me).

    Shannon- Of course! Congrats on your award!

    Simon- Mwahahaha, the awards never end! Love the blogosphere; the writing peeps are great!

    Amalia- Thanks, Amalia. I'm quite fond of it too. I think it's missing something though. Maybe a sexy Scot in the distant background? Dougal or Jaime? Ohh how 'bout both? Sure they have nothing to do with my book but...

    Wendy- But you deserve the awards so obviously you're doing great! Love you blog and the pics of New Zealand. Such a beautiful place.

    Jemi- Didn't everyone spend at least a little bit of their life at Hogwarts? JK got me serious about writing, way back with the first Harry Potter. Love that woman :)

    Carol- Don't you just love that little blue doughnut? It's so cute!

    Eva- Thanks! I've been going back and forth with the title, but for now, it's working for me. Now if only I had a name for Book 1. :P

    Julie- Oh yes, Hogwarts was my home for many a summers. xoxo

  16. Love the book cover. I would totally pick it up. I totally don't judge a book by its cover, but my eyes tend to pick up the pretty ones. For instance, Hush Hush and Fallen were bought purely on the covers!
    I found your blog through a series of blog hopping slash blog stalking. I'm a newbie at this blogging stuff but it sure is helping out my procrastination! It's nice getting to know other writers. Stop by my blog if you get a chance!

  17. Thanks, Tiffany! Glad you found me, and I blog stalk too. It's the best way to find people. Hope you're liking the blogosphere. Writer friends are so helpful when you find yourself in a slump. Will definitely swing by your blog. Talk soon!

  18. Love the faux book cover!

    Thanks for joining up to follow my blog :)

  19. Hey you hope you are having a gr8 start to this week. Wanted to know that you are a sunshine award recipient. Go to my blog to check it out. happy Monday
    You are the award queen this week - enjoy

  20. Sorry I couldn't get this to you any time sooner, my internet modem croaked, but I've also give you the Over the Top Award, too! Sorry I was late on letting you in on it! :(

  21. I like the one word answers. I got the same award from Laurel's Leaves. Thanks for sharing a bit more about you and the fun faux book cover!


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