Mar 13, 2010

My Lovelies

I’ve been hoarding. Yep—hoarding my awards. I’ve received three lovely awards in the past…month?! Thank you, thank you, I’m honored ;-)

My first hoardee is the Love Award, from Tiffany Neal. If you don’t know Tiffany, you are missing out. She’s hilarious and a fellow Texan. In fact, she doesn’t live all that far from me, though we have only chatted online. I’m pretty fond of her and enjoy stalking her awesome blog =) Tiffany teaches 4th grade (God be with her…) and writes YA. Once again, she’s awesome but she’s my friend, so back off ;-) Just kidding.


Who am I nominating for the Love Award, you ask? That’s a marvelous questions—I’m glad you asked. Drum roll please…

Sara McClung

My second lovely is the Creative Writer Award—a gift from Nicole Ducleroir! Nicole is amazing. I was reading over the “about me” section on her blog and WOW this woman knows how to decorate a cake! She also has a killer workout routine that I am incredibly jealous of (because, come on…me? work out? Phleeze). So anyway, Nicki writes Literary Fiction and has a wicked creative streak. Just take a look on her blog & read some of the things she chats about—and you’ll know this is one awesome chick!


So, who’s my victim this time? Muahaha!

Kristen Yard

Lastly, we have the Quillfeather Award from Carolina Valdez Miller. Thanks Carol! I love it! For this award, I have to state how I like my eggs. Well Carol, I’m not a huge fan of eggs. Frankly, they creep me out. But I’ll eat them if they’re slathered in butter and sandwiched between bread and cheese. Damn straight.

PS. I like my chicken grilled, fried, or roasted & I’m partial to Butterball :-)

Quillfeather12 copy[3]

My 3rd victim of serial-blog-awarding is….. TA DA!

Ashley Tenille

Oh yeah! I’m on a blog award high right now. Definitely feeling the love! I hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting tons of writing done. I know I’m planning a write-a-thon for this coming week (SRING FREAKING BREAK BABY!) so if anyone wants to join in…you know where to find me :P


  1. Yay for awards!! I love hoarding awards as well!

  2. Love your slide show of your awards, by the way. Excellent. Keep up the good work. Your blog is great.

  3. Aw, *blushes* THANKS Courtney!! I love this one <3 This is the first time I've seen it!! YAY!!

  4. Congrats to you well as your recipients. I follow just about everybody you mentioned, and those I'm unfamilar with are now on my list.

    Enjoy your BREAK! :)

  5. Congrats on the well deserved awards!

  6. AWWW thanks Courtney! I haven't seen this award yet. I have been majorly slacking on the blogs, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!
    Thanks again, tweet ya' later ;)


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