Mar 10, 2010

Forget Me Not!

forgetmenot Forget me not! I’m still here. Kinda. It wasn’t planned, but I’ve been on a blogging/writing hiatus—thanks to massive amounts of homework and out-of-town company. It was a nice little mini-vacation, but now that it’s over…back to work I go! Here’s a peace offering, from me to you—Forget Me Nots. Aren’t they pretty?!

Because of my scheduling conflicts, I’ve sorta balked on the writerly stuff. No new chapters, no new crits, no nothin’. That’s right, just call me a slacker; that’s what I am. I’m a proud slacker, though (or at least I try to be).

Lucky for me, I did manage to get some reading in while on Slacker Island. Actually, it was more like listening, since I did most of it while I was working, driving, or coloring my hair. *Audiobooks for the win!* May I just say, for those of you who know of Rachel Vincent, her latest Shifters book (appropriately titled SHIFT) was amazing and kept me up until 6:30 in the morning. While I can’t stand her MC, the books are fantastic.

And after SHIFT, I went on to finish the Lone Star Sisters series from Susan Mallery—also phenomenal—which kept me up all of the next night. I started functioning off of 2 and 3 hours worth of sleep. Not good for an avid sleeper… You can see what else I’ve been reading at Goodreads or Shelfari.

Now that company is gone and SPRING BREAK is approaching, I’ll be getting some quality writing time in. Hopefully that means more blog time too. I’ve missed you guys! I haven’t even been on Twitter and I don’t even see how I’m still alive without Twitter and the #amwritingparty!!

Will be posting some awards soon (get ready, and watch your back!)

Oh, and one last thing before I’m off to mentally prepare for Criminal Minds tonight— I got my hair done for the summer! …yes, I have summer and winter colors. It didn’t come out how I planned (at all) but it works.

1download download.jpg

Curled and straight. Whoopie! Now to lose that extra 50 pounds…


  1. Welcome back!! You were missed.

    PS. I like the hair color.

  2. Welcome back. :) The hair color rocks.

  3. Love the hair :) Awesome colour! I love the flowers - forget me knots are one of my faves!

  4. You're rockin that hair :) Welcome back, and P.S. I'm a slacker too. I'm behind on critiques, edits, writing, you name it. We should start a slackers club.

  5. Sounds like slacker island is a decent place to read. I may have to vacation there. :-)

    Love the hair!!

  6. You want to lose 50 pounds? You look perfectly lovely just as you are.

    Hair looks great by the way :)

  7. THAT.
    And forget about the 50lbs - curves are SO in ;0)

  8. Courtney, I think your hair looks incredible! I love the color.

    I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the Lone Star Sisters! Thanks for the post!



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