Nov 5, 2009

can't work with it---can't work without it

The Internet (damn it to Hell) has proven to be more of a distraction lately than anything else has ever been to me. My plan of an all-night-write-a-thon yesterday night--squashed! After a five hour Twitter-binge, I turned off my laptop and accepted the defeat...then tossed and turned all night because of what an idiot I'd been.

This isn't the first time the Internet has stood between me and my writing-goal; I have the attention span of a goldfish. The problem I find myself facing is that if I disconnect my Internet (which I must, at times, force myself to do) I end up needing it for something while I'm writing. A quick fact-check here and there are sometimes necessary. And I'm not the type of person who can just "put it off 'til later', granted I do decorate my page margins with little notes to "fluff this up" and "details to come" and "rewrite when coherent".

The point I'm trying to make is that I lack focus when the temptation of the Internet is at its greatest. Twitter, Facebook, is a girl to concentrate when the little Demon on my shoulder is constantly whispering "just five more minutes--then I'll get to work". You'd think I'd have a little Angel on the other shoulder, whispering sweet nothings about focus and priorities, but no. Either she's on vacation or she's turned to the dark side, because the bitch isn't makin' a peep.

As for the novel itself, it's actually going pretty well. While its been slow going (mainly because of my *cough cough* other interests) its at least been quality work...except for the pages where my little notes fill the page margins. But really, it is my first draft. A rough draft. A really rough draft.

I'm actually feeling a bit accomplished right now. I've finally gotten around to updating my blog, which, while not beneficial to my book, is at least a good way to dust the cobwebs from my brain.

Now, I leave you with a picture of my brain on Internet:

Something tells me it's not so cute when I do it...


  1. I think most of us writers have a love/hate issue with the Internet! I haven't joined Facebook yet, I can't imagine where I'd find more time! Okay I need to get back to my NaNo instead of reading great blogs... :)

  2. Facebook is a temptation I try my best to stay away from. I spend way too much time looking through photo albums and playing those stupid little games. Good luck with NaNo!


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