Oct 12, 2009

Distractions and procrastina--OH! SHINY!

I bailed out on my main squeeze early this afternoon so I could get around to writing more of the ballroom chapter (which I have lovingly nicknamed The Chapter That Will Never End also known as chapter eight---yes, that's right, chapter eight. Like I said, I've been preoccupied for the past month). Unfortunately, I not only have an attention span to rival that of a goldfish, but I also bare a shocking resemblance to this

That's right--I've spent the last four and a half hours playing mindless games on Facebook. I know, I know. Facebook games suck, but for those four and a half hours, I was addicted! Not to worry, I've closed out of Facebook and now have TweetDeck open; I won't be playing Vampire Wars, Sorority Life, or Make Me a Celebrity.

Speaking of my main squeeze--Josh and I watched 100 Feet today. The main character also plays Jean Grey in X-Men. We both figured it would suck (which was why we wanted to watch it, seeing as how we love making fun of crappy, horror movies) but, surprisingly, it was pretty good. Jean Grey played a woman who was put under house arrest after killing her abusive husband; he ended up haunting her throughout the movie. Yep, one good ole crappy movie with my man and some fast food. Perfect.

Now, I'm going to get around to working on chapter eight...as long as nothing distracts me.

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