Sep 30, 2009

The devil's in the details.

After being worked and overworked at the golf course, I'm finally back in the swing of things. I know it has been over a week since my last post, and I do apologize for disappearing, but it couldn't be helped. One of the girls at work decided to stop coming to work, and I got stuck having to pull up the slack. Now, on to happier topics...

I've been doing some research lately on balls. No, not bouncy balls, soccer balls, or footballs but actual formal, dancing balls. You see, my latest chapter has been set in a ball. My characters are all required to attend (even if they don't want to) and while writing the rough draft, I wanted to get some nice details down about what my heroine is wearing to the big event, and I'll admit, I might have gotten a little bit carried away.

Now, without giving too much away in terms of her looks and personality, Kate (my heroine) is a beautiful vampire with flowing, dark hair and an hourglass figure that I would kill for. And I really wanted to make Kate sizzle while at the ball so I put her in a red dress--which will look absolutely stunning on her soft colored skin and in comparison to her dark hair. Easy enough, right? Well, then I decided to throw in a few extra details, maybe just for the RD, maybe not. Okay, no biggie--so she's wearing Valentino. No big deal, she's a rich immortal who makes her living as a highly lethal assassin--she's got the money to blow on Valentino and his best friends, Prada and Gucci, right?

Would it really be so bad if I gave her an updo and weaved baby pearls and crystals into her hair while fitting her with a silver clutch and matching Charles David heels? Oh, the heels! They're the best part of the whole ensemble. Simple yet elegant. A perfect match to the dress I had in mind.
Well, as if all that wasn't enough, I just wasn't satisfied. I needed to see what kind of shoes would actually go with my made-up Valentino, I did a little online shoe shopping, just browsing to get an idea. I'm such a visual person that it helps me to write better when I have a little inspiration to go off of.

Well, I found my inspiration--a Charles David creation:
Being the sick person that I am, this shoe gave me the motivation I needed to finish the ball scene. I guess it goes to show, the devil's in the details.

If you know me, you must realize how crazy this is to me--I hate wearing shoes. I absolutely loathe wearing heels. If I must wear shoes, I choose flip flops. Crazy where you get your inspiration, huh?

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