Aug 25, 2015

Scrape Off the Rust

These things happen. One day you're feeling good, doing everything you should be. The next, you just fall off the face of the planet, no big deal, thank you very much. Life happens and new things get in the way of old things that were once important.

So yeah, I've been gone for FOUR years. I know. Sometimes it seems like a long time but other times...not so much. But it's all good. I've enjoyed my time away from both blogging, and yes, writing. Now don't get me wrong---I've missed it, but I've enjoyed it too. To say I've been busy would be an understatement. I got married. Adopted a puppy. Bought a house so the dog had a place to run around. Had a couple of kids to fill the get the idea. I've accomplished much in my four year hiatus from the keyboard.

I've changed; I've changed a lot. And to be completely honest, all good things. Things I'm happy with. I've broken away from the bad influences in my life and snuggled up closer with the good ones. I'm actually secure in myself now. I won't go so so far as to say confident but I am secure with myself, personality wise at least. I'm still working on body image issues but really, who isn't? It's been so long since I felt comfortable doing something---anything---new and especially by myself. But here I am, filling up my calendar with all kinds of outings.

I've even found something I didn't know I'd lost. For as long as I can remember, I've been a Christian. I was raised by two, steadfast believers and their faith rubbed off on me at an age where I don't even remember not believing and loving Christ. To say that I'd lost my faith at some point along the way wouldn't be correct. I never lost it. I just...didn't nurture it, I guess is the best way to put it. The term "Sunday Christian" comes to mind, only I didn't go to church most Sundays. I'd pray, but I almost never sat down to read the Bible or crack open a devotional. Without going into detail, I'll just say I no longer think the term "Sunday Christian" applies to me. I've rediscovered my faith and found everything that I didn't know I was searching for within it.

Something I do need to work on is my writing. It's pretty much come to a grinding halt. I very rarely write anymore, even if it's just to journal. But I keep thinking of all these lovely book ideas. I feel that spark of excitement and all I want to do it sit down and write. Or plot. Or research the next big idea. It's that feeling that's brought me here---back to the basics. Blogging and writing, it's all one in the same really. It time to start again.

It's time.

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