Feb 1, 2011

Unofficial Post a Photo of your Work Space Day!

Hey guys! I'm dropping in at the tale end of February 1st Unofficial "Post a Photo of your Work Space Day"! I absolutely LOVE looking at pictures of people's writing space so when I dropped by Kristen Yard's blog today and saw that HOLY COW! it's Post a Photo of your Work Space Day I was ecstatic!

But come on, who doesn't like to see where the magic happens?? So I decided to post a few pics myself... are you ready??

And yes-- because you asked, the walls are pink. It was a 4 year old's princess room before I took it over, and I'm far to lazy to paint... Trust me. Pink suits my muse ;-)

This is where some writing happens. And Netflix makes an appearance...
And this is where some serious plotting takes place =)
I'm an old fashioned kind of girl-- I sit on the floor and use my WIP notebooks to file away the details.

Still...sometimes the best stuff comes when curled up in bed and on the lappy 8-)
Anyone else post any pics of their work space??


  1. I didn't even know I ever wanted a pink room... but I do! Hmmmmm.... I wonder if my muse would like pink...

  2. Wow. This is the first time to hear about this. I'm impressed with your space...very cozy!! :)


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