Feb 22, 2010

That’s a Wrap

It’s time to wrap up the Big Fat Liar Award, and yes, I really do feel like a big fat liar. There are 2 truths, and 5 lies…

  1. I played volleyball throughout high school.” Nope—never even played.
  2. I have six toes on my left foot.” Only, five…sorry.
  3. I wear wedding rings on both my right and left hand.” Ding ding ding! True story. I do wear them on both hands. The white gold set is mine—my fiancé bought it specifically for me. But the set on my right hand—yellow gold & platinum—is a family heirloom. J’s grandmother passed it down to him after we got engaged.
    download ringdownload
  4. I love watching golf.” As if! I work at a golf course, so I’ve seen enough golf to last me a few lifetimes. I do like to play—as long as there’s alcohol involved. I don’t want to remember the back nine, you feel me?
  5. I’m allergic to shellfish.” Another lie. I’m not allergic; I’m just not partial to them.
  6. I have a tramp-stamp.” Oh yes, this one’s the second truth. I even call it a tramp-stamp; no shame over here. I got it done about two years ago and have a love/hate relationship with it (and I’d soo get another one!). I found it would I was looking through wedding invites (I was obviously going through a girly phase) and loved it. It holds meaning with me and J—two hearts together, two people together.  Forever. tat
    It ended up well, seeing as how J & I are eloping when the time comes. I’m thinking the drive thru Tunnel of Love at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas. What do you think? A drive thru in Vegas?! Yes, please.
  7. I’m majoring in psychology.” Nope. English.

This was a fun award. Thanks again to Kelly R Morgan and Ashelynn Sanford!


  1. Heehee! Tramp stamp!! :))

    And only 5 toes?? Geez. What is WRONG with you???

  2. "I don't want to remember the back nine..."

    Ha! *snort* *snarf*

    I dig it. And you're totally participating in the #TwitterTattoo fest this weekend. Just so you know. :)

  3. Fun! I'm so glad you included the pictures! :-)

  4. That is a cute award! I'm with ya on the shellfish. The truths were very fun. Two wedding rings? So unique and special!

  5. This is one of my favorite awards and you pulled it off perfectly!!

  6. Tiffany- Oh yeah? You have 6 toes? Let's see a picture-- That's what I thought. You'll all talk, chickie! ;-)

    Simon- Absolutely. And the front nine is just a warm up, so it doesn't even count.
    Oh, and thanks for letting me know I'll be joining in on the #twittertattoo fest this weekend. lol

    Shannon- Hope you liked them! xoxo

    Nisa- Yep, 2 of them =) Sometimes I pretend that I'm Claire, from Outlander, but I didn't say that...

    DL- Thank you! It was so much fun!

  7. LOVE the rings - both sets are gorgeous & have such meaning. Lucky you :)

  8. Hi Courtney. When you get a moment, could you pop by my blog and let me know where you heard about the Whoops! Blogfest? I'd promised a prize to my best shout-out helper, but I can't figure out who to thank. Gracias!

  9. Tramp stamp...ha! Very cute, by the way. Love that you wear such special rings on both hands. So precious. But I'm quite sad you don't have six toes :(

    By the way, I left an award for you on my blog ;)

  10. Haha I got them all right! Ok the rings were process of elimination, but that just means I knew everything else!
    I want a new tattoo too, but I need to wait till I have stable money. What do you want?

  11. I love the dual sets of rings. What a lovely way to wear both special pieces.

    The 18th hole is one house away from my backyard. I take a week in August and go camping when the "Classic" comes to town :)

  12. The rings?! I don't find many other people who wear two wedding rings - my non-wedding ring wedding ring was my partner's signet ring. He used to propose with when we were 18! The other was the official wedding ring everyone thought we ought to have.

  13. Love your tat!! If you get the chance, hop over to my blog -- I left you a little something there today!


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