Jan 23, 2010

Happy Award x2 & some inspiration for the LaFS Blogfest ♥

I've won the Happy Award...twice! I am definitely feeling the love!

♥ Thanks to Tiana Lei over at Spilled Ink for this awesome award! Tiana has a great blog. She's an aspiring writer who is kind enough to blog about her writing ups and downs. OH, and she she has a really cute layout. ♥

♥ Thank you, Rhonda at Snarktastic Ramblings for being kind enough to pass this one on to me! For those that don't know, Rhonda is one of the funniest bloggers out there. She delivers snark of a colorful variety. Swing by her blog and check her out. ♥

The Happy Award (which is really, really cute!) is very simple and pretty darned cool. First, I'll pass on the award (my favorite part of receiving awards--besides getting to post the pretty pictures on my blog)  then state 10 things that make me happy. Hence, the "Happy 101" picture.

But before I forget — and yes, I know I'm interrupting a perfectly good train of thought — I want to remind everyone about the Valentine's Days Love at First Sight Blogfest. Sign your name and blog address to the Mr. Linky's sign up list and post your Love at First Sight scene to your blog on February 14th. ★ Don't forget to sign up, or people won't know how to find your blog ★ If you're having trouble with your muse, head on over to To Keep It Going, a blog of inspirational tidbits. I'm doing a series on love poems and other romantic paraphernalia, in honor of Blogfest.

Now—back to business. First, to pass on this award I've searched my blog reader for blogs that have not (at least to my knowledge) already received this award. It's nothing personal, I just wanted to spread the love to people who didn't already have it. And if I messed up, and you do already have this, please forgive me ;-) This task was not as easy as I thought it would be...

And now for the 10 things that make me happy —

1. My beautiful family.

(brothers, sister, myself, and cat, Leo)

2. My incredible fiance', J. 

(Me & J on my birthday, last year.)

3. My religion

4. Writing

5. Reading

6.  Photography

7. Music

8. Movies

9. Nature

10. Rainstorms

Have a great week everyone. I'll see you next time.


  1. Congrats! Well deserved. Such a good looking family too.

  2. :) I'm glad you came by my blog and noticed that I'd passed this award along to you. I swear, I thought I'd left comments for the people I'd passed this along. Now? I realize that I didn't actually do that. I probably thought about it though. Doh! Slaps self on forehead. I must have gotten distract - "oh, look, shiny..."

  3. Love these pictures, each one is a novel in and of itself (and the Byron quote I can so relate to!).

    Thanks for the award, I'm honored!!

    A toast to you today!

  4. Congrats on the award, Courtney! Much deserved. :-)

  5. Congrats!!

    LOVE the images - very nice!

  6. The quote on one of the photos by Lord Byron is my favorite. It was on one of my blogs.

    Congrats on the awards!

  7. Oh, thank you! What a beautiful post! The pictures are gorgeous, and I don't just mean the creative ones. You have a very handsome fiance and family...When is the Big Day? Congratulations on your engagement!

    And congrats on your award. I must swing by here more often, because the layout looks different!

    Nice, nice, nice...Thank you!


  8. I love all your photos, and I love your blog design too! Thanks :) You deserved the award, I'm so glad there are cool bloggers like you in the Internet world!

  9. Congrats on another award. Most deserved it is too :)

  10. Lovely pictures, good lady. And congrats on the awards. Hope your Sunday is happy!

  11. Congrats Love! You definitely deserve it since you always make me happy! PS Love the pics

  12. DL- Thank you, I like to think so too ;)

    Rhonda- Yes, tend to lurk in the background, but I did see it. Thanks!

    Terresa- I think I used one of the pictures I found on your blog :P You always have such beautiful photography.

    Shannnon- Thank you! I try to be (somewhat) interesting. xoxo

    Jemi- Thank you. I love vi.sualize.us. They have such wonderful images.

    Eva- I love that quote too. It really shows what a writer's motivation is like. Write or die. haha.

    Michele- We haven't set the big date just yet. We're waiting until after we graduate from college, which all depends on us, I guess. Hopefully not too much longer *fingers crossed*. Thanks for the comment!

    Tiana- *Blushes* Thank you, and I agree--I'm glad there are fun bloggers out there. Reading through other writers blogs helps me to not get so upset when I've a particularly bad chapter. It's all about gaining a support system.

    Wendy- Thank you, and congrats on your awards too. I didn't comment on your blog, but I did see you have racked up 2 more. Very good job!

    Simon- Thanks, Simon. Now that I'm off work, it's a fabulous Sunday. Hope you're having a good weekend :-)

    Amalia- Thanks! And congrats on your new Circle of Friends award! You've been awesome to talk with about Jamie and Claire (and Dougal, of course).

    Kelly- Aww, you're so sweet, Doll. You always put a smile on my face too--even when I get my crits back and want to strangle you ;-) JUST KIDDING, I love your crits! PS, the pics are courtesy of vi.sualize.us. Great website!

  13. Thanks so much for thinking of me. Those pictures are wonderful.

  14. Thanks so much for the award! You have a cool blog! I just gave you an award too. Check it out here!

  15. Courtney, big congrats on your happy award! Don't you just love how it forces you to consider the things that make you happy? Love your pictures. You're just beautiful--it's always good to see you. And your family...how very adorable. I was really taken with that photo of the rainstorm as well. It looks like a brilliant book cover ;)

  16. Elspeth- You deserve it. Love your blog!

    Valerie- Thank you! I can't wait to post it--thanks for thinking of me!

    Carol- Thanks Carol, I love hearing from you. And that rainstorm picture would make a great book cover.


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