Nov 30, 2009

Sticky Situations

Wow--so I've totally fallen off the edge of the planet for the past week. I haven't even been on Twitter, which is how you know something's up in the Reese household.

Right after Thanksgiving (which was a wonderful day of food, football, and family) a personal crisis reared its big, fat, ugly head. Its taken most of my time away from writing, blogging, tweeting---you name it--so I've been pretty much AWOL for the past week. This problem has been (for the most part) resolved, and I'm finally falling back into the swing of least as of 11am Monday morning.

My plan today is to write the ending to chapter 10 and work on chapter 11. Kate and Caleb are in a tough situation and they have to fight off the enemy and save the day--you know, all in a day's work, right?

Will blog about my success tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad that you were able to resolve the crisis! Why is it that they always have to appear right around the holidays???

    PS I LOVE your new blog look!

  2. I also love your blog layout! Sorry to hear about your personal crisis. Even without the crisis, it is nice to get away from the internet. :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm fond of it as well. I liked my last layout but I noticed some problems when it was viewed on IE and from a MAC. So--instead of fighting with the HTML code and actually FIXING it, I took the easier route and found a layout I liked better...then proceeded to fight with the code to change the main pic. Oh well--I guess I just really needed a good fight. LOL

  4. Just saw your post! Sorry to hear about your crisis. I'm glad to hear things have worked themselves out, at least for the present being. Welcome back!


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