Aug 9, 2009

About Courtney

Hello! My name is Courtney; I'm a 23 year old student/writer/daughter/sister/fiancee'. I'm an aspiring author of several genres of fiction. I write both Paranormal Romances and Contemporary Romances, as well as Romantic Suspense, Urban Fantasy and Young Adult novels.

Currently I am working on a series that I’ve nicknamed The Immortal Series, because I have yet to come up with anything better. I’m also plotting out two other series, though I won’t begin writing them for a while. I call them the “Bitten” Series and the Young Adult Series (that’s right–nicknames are my friends). All three are paranormal romances, though only one is for the YA audience.

Also (as of January 2010) I have started a fourth project--a Romantic Suspense novel based in British Colombian Canada. Yikes!

As of May 15, 2009, I'm engaged to the love of my life, who I refer to as either "J" or "Fiance o' Mine". We've been together since the summer of '07 and I thank God everyday for bringing us together. I truly don't know how I managed without him. I'm also the proud mother to my one year old cat, whom I refer to as "Baby Kitty" but whose name is actually Simon. (If you can't tell, I have an addiction to nicknames.)

I love blogging and Twittering; I'm also on Facebook but I don't use it as much as Twitter. I also have an addiction to Goodreads.  I'm always looking for new friends to chat with online so feel free to add me as your friend!

Writing is my passion, research is my hobby. I prefer dogs over cats (except for my cat of course), Dr. Pepper over anything else, being cold over being hot, summer over winter (ironic isn't it?!) Christmas over Thanksgiving, MSN over AIM, the beach over the mountains, nighttime over daytime, being laid back over being super active, spending over saving....

I love to read and write everyday--and when I can't read (like when I'm at work or driving in the car) I listen to audiobooks! Television and movies are great too; I could spend days watching TV, so I have to limit myself...

I love sarcasm, retarded jokes, stupid movies that never make it into theaters, nice smelling men, & forwardness. Ambition is a good thing, goals are meant to be achieved, silence should never be awkward, jealousy is a turn-on, and every day is worth living...most of the time ;)

I also keep a blog filled with inspirational bits and pieces, ranging from quotes to music to YouTube videos. Its my way of keeping myself going when I'm ready to slow down--especially when writing. Coincidentally, it's titled To Keep it Going.

To reach the maximum number of readers, this blog has been cross-platformed to Wordpress and LiveJournal.

Visit my website here.

-Courtney Reese

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