Sep 9, 2009

How did I miss that?

Okay so I'm no where near where I had planned to be by today...I'm still stuck on chapter seven, not that it's been more difficult that I thought it would be--I knew it would be a pain. But I'm having some trouble with it. It's been over a week since I last did some heavy duty writing and my mind just isn't getting into the groove. I'm having some great ideas plot wise though...really good ideas. Unfortunately, my brain just isn't spitting out my word by word story for me to type out. I'm getting there though...just slowly; its my own damn fault for taking such a long break and losing my rhythm. I'll get it back, I just need to read over a chapter and then plot out the details of how to get to the next step (kinda crazy since I'm adding shit to seven left and right...good additions though, juicy additions) .
While I was writing, I realized, even if I was in a writing zone, I wouldn't be done with the festival yet...there's a lot to cover in this chapter (chapter seven). I need to cover certain events in the past for both of my main characters, while being careful not to reveal too much too soon (and while revealing enough to keep my story making sense). So far, its going well. It's definitely a rough, rough draft, but eh, what the hell. I'll stomp out the bugs later...
Anyway, the point of this was, my goal was unrealistic to begin with--I didn't take into account the background filler that needed to go into seven. The crazy thing is, when you've been toying an idea around in your head for as long as I have, by the time you start writing, you forget that the dark history that comes back to bite them in the ass has to come up somewhere before it actually bites them. Oversight on my part; I was too busy hinting at a dark past and not busy adding the details of it.

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