Sep 16, 2009

Good things come to those who wait---or beat their head against walls

 I've finally finished chapter seven!!! YAY! I cannot express how happy I am! Truly I feel such a huge relief. Of course, that will only last until I start chapter eight...but chapter eight should be a little easier, at least I hope it will be.
But seriously, back to chapter seven---wow. Talk about stressful. This chapter totally pissed me off. It's a good chapter, don't get me wrong. Very informative, yada, yada.  But I just never thought I'd get to the end. And even now, I guess I'm not totally done yet--I have a few notes on the side that say things like "fluff it up" and "add details later". Yeah, so I guess I'll get back to those later--way later, after the chapter's had a few weeks to sit and stew.

So far, I'm at 22,692 words and am seven chapters in.

I actually had most of it done last night, I just got too tired to finish up the last itty bitty section, so I put it off until today. Even baby kitty was tired... Poor Simon...

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